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All of our bells are handmade in Indonesia, they are also known as the pregnancy pendant and are worn during pregnancy.

Please send me an email with the bell and size of bell that you like and I will put it on back order for you and email or phone you as soon as our stock arrives!   

Each bell comes in different sizes. There is a difference between the Fuzed Bells and the Caged Bells:

Fuzed: The cage cannot open (ex Curves, Heart Motif, Flower etc)

Caged: The cage can open (ex Lace, Sterling, Orcid etc)

Sizes are plus minus (excluding the clasp and the stone on the top and or bottom) because each bell is handmade, they all differ Plus minus 2-5mm (Sizes are approximate)


S = R1 coin  M = R2 coin L = R5 coin

Caged: (excluding stone on top and or bottom)

S = R1 coin  M = R2 coin  L = R5 coin

if you want to know the full size of the bell, ad plus minus 19mm for the Caged and plus minus 17mm for the Fuzed bells for the loop on the top.

Please click on the bell that you like, the price and stock availability will be shown.

I would like to suggest the names ‘Hope’ or ‘Life’ for the new mystic bell. The reason for this is that my sister in law, aged 34 with a daughter aged 1, was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor in April 2009. She was operated on immediately however this left her having serious seizures on an ongoing basis. She also had the misfortune of not being able to develop a relationship of support from her neuro surgeon who has the most unfortunate bedside manner. I by chance came across your mystic bells after my sister in law had her operation and was so moved by the concept that I bought her the ‘ying yang’ to wear and tune in to it’s mystic bell and hold on to life. A new world opened for my sister in law by being put in touch with a wonderful new doctor who is the only man in South Africa to perform a particular type of surgery. She had to again undergo very invasive surgery, the results of which were fantastic and only yesterday we received excellent news from her post op MRI. I cannot explain the mystery comfort that I take from your most beautiful creations.

Kind regards


Ek is so opgewonde oor my Mystic Bell! Ek glo klokke het i wonderlike mag om jou siel opgewonde te maak. OOO, ek wens daar kon meer klokke lui en dit sommer uitjubel in hierdie land sodat daar meer vreugde en voorspoed dwarsoor die land aangestuur kan word. Ek dink ons moet weer klokke voorstel aan al die nuwe geslagte, die opgewondenheid daarvan het ietwat verlore geraak! Nogmaals dankie vir hierdie spesiale stukkie juweliersware!

Groete R

Woman all around the world are wearing these special bells, not only when they are pregnant, but for a lot of other reasons!

They are hand made, each bell is as unique as the person wearing it.

Pregnant ladies wear these bells low on their bellies so that the baby can hear the calming sound of the chime and after birth they can be hung above the baby's crib and rung when the baby is upset or uneasy.

Using sound during pregnancy mothers have reported their babies to demonstrate: A lack of tension and anxiety as they grow. An inner peacefulness and less reactivity. A feeling of security in their relationship with their mother. Better sleeping patters. Enhanced communication skills.

Other outcomes reported were: A decrease in labour time. A superior birth weight  when compared to gestational age. The babies recouped better and faster than other babies.

The ear is the only sensory system fully functioning in the utero. Sound is vibration that stimulates our ear and hearing, while also stimulating the entire body through our bone and cell structure.

Sound relates to our basal body rhythms such as our heart rate and breath stream and sound vibration goes to our core.

Around the end of the 13th century, a new type of white-metal (pewter and tin) crotal bell, cast in one piece, appears.

The form is approximately spherical, but, as cast, the bottom half of the bell chamber is splayed. This enables the pellet to be placed inside the bell, and the splayed half to be squeezed together to retain it. It also makes support of the core within the mould relatively easy.

The earliest bells of this type have several moulded parallel ribs around the circumference, both vertically and horizontally. Later ones are often plain, but some have moulded decoration of various forms. The rounded ends of the sound bow are often very close to, or interrupt, the girth rib. Bells of this type are usually quite small (typically 13mm to 17mm diameter), and many were used as dress accessories and hawking bells.

The wearing of bells became fashionable in the 14th century and remained so well into the 15th century. Examples dating from the later end of this period have been found suspended from necklaces and possibly bracelets. Prior to becoming fashionable, the wearing of bells as a dress accessory was limited to jesters, acrobats, pilgrims and priests. (Cf. MoL, Dress Accessories, early: 1672-1683, late: 1689; Mitchiner, Medieval & Secular Badges, early: 351-355, late: 782-786.)

Missionaries used small handbells to call people to worship, with bells introduced into Christian churches around 400ADE

History of bells go back to the ming dynasty, bells have rich celtic history, the celts used it as meditating devices to commune with nature.

Bells have been used to announce time, call people to prayer, celebrate weddings, holidays and victories.

Mysticbells are also known as “llamadores des Angles” which means Angle caller.

Balinese custom bells are given to symbolize the timeless friendship between close companions.

Divers have also bought them they say the sound underwater attracts dolphins.

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